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At Caws  we play many kinds of games, though role-playing and miniature games are at the top of the list of the indoors games.

Role-Playing Games


Role-playing games are the reason CAWS was originally formed, but they are not the only types of games we play. We try to play at least one role-playing session per week involving the majority of CAWS' members.

Current favourite games are Heavy Gear, Cyberpunk, Jovian Chronicles, GURPS, and D&D3E, but this list is just skimming the surface.


Unlock is our own RPG system. There is a version given here for use with Cyberpunk 2020, but we have other versions in the works (there's an in-development version of the 1920s version here). Hopefully we'll have a full Fuzion version up and running here soon too. Not only are CAWS members responsible for a large chunk of RTG's Eurosource Plus, but we also wrote a few articles for the now defunct 'PUNK'21 fanzine. Those that weren't published will be added here - Night City Gun Laws

Recent and current game details can be found here.

Miniature Games


We don't play miniature games as often as we role-play, but they are so much more visually appealing. The hardest part is finding the time to paint the figures.


For our sins we wrote an anime inspired game called AnimOuch! It didn't sell well, but it did get good reviews which is a bit of a bonus J


There will be a section of this site dedicated to supporting AnimOuch! as soon as I can dig up the notes that appear to have disappeared from the backups of a corrupt drive.


Between us we collect and paint a wide variety of figures with those from Ground Zero Games being perennial favourites.


Photos of the Ground Zero Games team at EuroGenCon 99 can be found here: GZG-EGC.


Steve has been playing a fair amount of 6mm DBA. Details can be found at Hotel Wars.


Currently we have been playing a fair amount of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K. We have started our own campaign and are going to be taking part in the Medusa V campaign.





Due to a serious shortage of games conventions that we can do demos at we have recently done very few demos. This may change with time.


Not only do we play a great variety of games, we often do demonstrations of games we enjoy at games conventions or in shops. Over the years we have done demos of Kill Zone, Cyberpunk, D&D, AnimOuch (of course), Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and quite a few more.


We have recently been selected as the South UK Pod Corps representatives:  i.e. we are the Southern UK demo team for Dream Pod 9 though we have not been overly active lately.


To see what we are up to with the Pod Corps go here: Pod Corps



Gaming Links


Here are some links to sites that relate to games we are interested in or gaming in general.


Dream Pod 9 produce the Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and Tribe 8 series of games, all based on the Silhouette engine. If you don't know them check them out.


R.Talsorian produce some of the most original games on the market. Check them out, especially if you're interested in Cyberpunk or anime gaming.


Steve Jackson Games produce the amazingly flexible GURPS as well as many great, popular board and card games. 


Gold Rush Games produce the Fuzion based Usagi Yojimbo and Sengoku games and others.


RPGNet is an invaluable net gaming resource, check it out.



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