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Camberley Area Wargames Society


This should give you a brief idea of who we are. Some of the names have links leading to more complete descriptions.

Steve Gill

Aging gamer and computer jock. Once had dreams of being a big time games designer, but gave up due to a total lack of success.


Gaming, LRP, karate, paganism, crafts, anime, game design, programming, SF, motorbikes, anything that looks interesting really


Shanine Gill

Up and coming ten pin bowling star. Manages to put up with Steve somehow.


Bowling, gaming, puzzles


Lez Cox

Aging gamer and amateur layabout.


Gaming, LRP, SF, fantasy, computer games, Terry Pratchett


John Haynes

Younger gamer and teacher. Makes the rest of us look short and shabby.


Gaming, LRP, computer games


Emma Stanton

Young gamer and teacher.


LRP, computer games, paganism, crafts, lots


Chris Booley

Younger gamer and professional layabout, back from hanging out in New Zealand but we still don't see him often enough.


Motorbikes, wolves, gaming, airsoft, mechs, airplanes, SF, anime


John 'Trollkin' Gathercole

Younger gamer who somehow makes the rest of us look tall and smart. Founder of White Wizards of the Leading Tactical Strategic Workshop.


Gaming, game design, LRP, computer gamesgraphics, especially maps and map design


Simon 'Gerbil' Edwards

Younger gamer and computer jock.


Gaming, paintball, food, computer games, anime, food, big guns, mecha, food


Matt Bentley

Younger gamer and computer jock.


Paintball, computer games, gaming



Detailed Versions

John "Trollkin" Gathercole :



There has come to our attention (from various sources) a rumour stating that one of our classic products, Womble the CleansingTM, does not - in fact - exist.

The rumour states that the game (described in the magazine 'Pyracane' as - and I quote - "...the finest example of existential ennui  in the games industry today") is no more than a figment of the imagination of one John Gathercole; a 'gentleman' of unknown address.

I can state categorically that Womble The CleansingTM is very much alive and just about to go into its tenth edition (we'll beat that Cthullu game yet). However there will be a slight delay until such time as we can remember where we put the revised chapters 3 to 17, appendix 'F' and the index.

It is possible that they are under the cat litter tray. But Iím sure you don't really wish to know that.

The Creator of Womble The CleansingTM, Gary Rein~Garfield, is upset and distraught knowing that someone is so blatantly taking the credit for all his hard work. He has locked himself into the bathroom with only his teddy bear for company, and is refusing to come out. We tend to worry about Gary quite a lot.

Clearly this 'John Gathercole' has a lot to answer for.

Assuming this person exists, and with such a silly name I very much doubt it, our lawyers (the Vercotti Brothers) wish to have a chat to explain to him the finer aspects of copyright infringement law.  With a baseball bat.

If anybody claims to have seen this man would they please contact our office with the details of where to find him.

I hope that this clarifies our position.

Terry Rollkin

Managing Director




Simon "Gerbil" Edwards :

Ex-minion of John "The Devil has taken me" Haynes. Recently promoted to Dark Underlard. Likes food an awful lot. All personnel must remember to stay behind the designated safety zones during feeding times. Frequently escapes from his cage at work, but gets dragged back practically every day. Possesses copies of Cyberpunk, AD&D , Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, at random moments on a Friday evening (usually when we are playing a different game to the one he is reading). Avid games player. 

Quote of the month : "Chainguns make excellent human-to-chutney conversion algorithms. Ideal for those who like to cook 'n' go !"


Bowling, food, airsoft, munchies, gaming, snacks, paintball, chow, cinema, eating , BIG GUNS, pizza, Anime, more food, anything with robots, take-away, computer games, Haagen Daaz Ice cream, Space exploration, mars bars, anything to do with the ocean (Seaquest DSRV ! YAY!).

Aims in life
  1. Build / own a veritech VF19 as personal transport.
  2. Have a semi-sentient Spitting Cobra (a Heavy Gear) called Alfonse as a pet.
  3. Conquer Bolivia.
  4. Meet John Woo.

No longer available to receive food donations due to spam merchants.





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