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About CAWS
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CAWS is really just a group of friends that collaborate on ideas that interest us.


Our main passions are role-playing games (both table-top and live action); wargames; airsoft gaming; and anime. These pages will, hopefully, let you know more about us and our interests - follow the links at the top and on the left to find out more.


Although CAWS stands for Camberley Area Wargames Society it was almost named Camberley Area Roleplaying Society, but it was thought the acronym might be a little confusing. Besides the name CAWS links nicely to JAWS, a club that some CAWS' members had previously belonged to. CAWS has been informally called many things over the years: Camberley Anime and Wargames Society; Camberley Airsoft and Wargames Society; Camberley Airsoft, anime and Wargames Society; etc.


Obviously there's not as much here as we would like yet, but bear with us as the site grows.


In the meantime if you want more information you can contact us by email: Steve


Or you can get hold of us by snail mail at:


38 Carshalton Road



GU15 4AQ







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