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About CAWS
Fantasy LRP




This is the homepage for CAWS, the Camberley Area Wargames Society.

On these pages you can learn about who we are and the things we do when we're not working - the fun stuff.

This site is a 'work in progress' site, sort of permanently under construction. There is no intention to ever 'finish' it as such.

There are links to many of the games we are and have been involved with - for example Shadowrealms LRP, Curious Pastimes LRP.

The intention is to update the site regularly, though recently there's been a lot more updates to the Lion Azure areas than to the main CAWS site. Due to space constraints at this location there have been a lot of pages added to our satellite sites listed on the SystemFast page

If you have any problems with (or suggestions for improvements to) this website please contact: Webmaster


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